RSK Medical and CellAegis Devices partner in the Canadian Healthcare Market

Peel-Halton Region Aims to minimize Damage to Heart Attack Patients
July 25, 2016

RSK Medical and CellAegis Devices partner in the Canadian Health Care Market to improve outcomes for heart attack patients. RSK Medical will distribute CellAegis’ innovative Canadian Medical Technology to reduce Heart Damage.

RSK Medical Inc. is pleased to announce an agreement with CellAegis Devices Inc. of Toronto, Ontario, to distribute the autoRIC® Device, a novel, non-invasive device which delivers “Remote Ischemic Conditioning” (RIC) therapy at the point of care. The autoRIC® Device has been approved by Health Canada and is intended to provide “automated remote ischemic conditioning to adult patients over 18 years of age undergoing cardiothoracic surgery or interventional cardiothoracic procedures or patients with evolving myocardial infarction. The device is intended for use in the hospital, ambulance or home setting as directed by a healthcare professional.” Use of the CellAegis autoRIC® Device as an adjunct to current procedures could result in a significant reduction in healthcare resource utilization across Canada.

The innovative and proprietary CellAegis autoRIC® Device is the newest addition to RSK Medical’s existing portfolio of innovative and novel cardiology products. For further information, contact your RSK Medical representative or visit

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